The real estate industry changes constantly, and to stay competitive it’s vital that agents and brokers complete continuing education. Courses range from risk management to fair housing laws and teach agents how to make better decisions, resulting in a more successful career. Whether you are an experienced broker or just getting your feet wet, the best online real estate courses can help you achieve your goals.

There are many different real estate CE options out there, but not all of them are created equal. Some offer a variety of packages that meet state requirements, while others may be more expensive or less flexible. To find the right fit, you’ll want to consider your specific needs and your budget.

The courses offered by AceableAgent are optimized for learning on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and students can access them at any time. Students can also take the exam multiple times and have a pass guarantee if they don’t pass the state test on their first try. This school also offers job placement tools like lists of companies hiring, job fairs, and interview coaching.

Another option for New York real estate courses is RealEstateU. It offers a more extensive study package with an audio component and a virtual classroom option. Its price is lower than some other schools but its student pass rate isn’t quite as high. It doesn’t offer a live chat option and only covers 14 states, so it may not be ideal for students who are looking to take classes in multiple states.

RealEstateU has a convenient bundle that meets all New York real estate Real Estate Continuing Education MI course requirements for both sales agents and brokers. The bundle includes 77 hours of course material and is priced at an average of $65 per hour. Students can also extend their access to the course for up to 6 months for an additional cost. This is a great feature for busy agents who might need extra time to finish the course.

In Arizona, real estate agents and brokers need to complete 24 hours of CE every 2 years, including Commissioner’s Rules requirements and certain mandatory topics. Our sister site 360training has a variety of courses that meet the requirements in this state.

New York real estate courses can be different from those in other states due to the nature of the city’s business. For example, there is a lot of tourism and short-term rentals. To be successful in this area, you’ll need to know condo bylaws, co-op regulations, and rules for temporary rentals.

Georgia requires 12 hours of CE every other year, with 6 of those hours required coursework. Our sister site 360training has several courses approved for this state, so you can easily fulfill your CE requirements.