grammar checker for essay

Are you looking for the perfect grammar checker for essay? If not, you should try the premium version of Grammarly Premium, which has advanced grammar checking and teaches you how to avoid common mistakes in the future. It helps you write more dynamically and fights passive voice, teaches you to use the active voice, and suggests vocabulary and other alternatives. The premium version also isolates overused words and phrases. It’s the best essay checker available!


The Linguix grammar checker for essay is an online tool that can be used for both personal and professional writing. This tool performs hundreds of automatic checks and provides explanations of each correction. Users can also use the Linguix Chrome extension. Aside from helping with your essay writing, the Linguix program can also help you with business communications, emails, and cover letters. You can download the free Chrome extension or download the Linguix mobile app.

A Linguix free trial subscription can be used grammar checker for email to try out the software. You can also select the language handbook, which offers tips, suggestions, and recommendations for your writing. In addition, you can access samples of writing to give you inspiration for your own essays. Moreover, you can save time with Linguix’s snippets, which can be assigned a keyboard shortcut and then inserted into your text.


The Hemingway’s grammar checker can help you write great, well-crafted sentences. The editor highlights problems such as long or complicated sentences. Long sentences often obscure meaning. In contrast, short and simple sentences are more effective. This app also highlights issues like passive voice and wordy sentences. Here’s a review of its features and disadvantages. Here are a few of them:

While Hemingway’s grammar checker is capable, it is not the most comprehensive. It is not the most comprehensive or user-friendly grammar checker, and only offers a few basic features. It can catch mistakes like passive voice and overuse of adverbs. It is not an ideal tool for professional writers or for editing long-form texts. While Hemingway’s grammar checker can be a great resource for writers, it falls short of providing comprehensive analysis.


The ProWritingAid grammar checker is free but does not save submitted text after analysis. The paid version has a higher price tag but does not require monthly subscription. It works like a grammar checker, spelling checker, and plagiarism checker. It provides reports and suggestions for improvement to your writing. The free version is limited to a word limit of 500 words, but it can improve the readability of your essay by up to 90%.

Another benefit of the ProWritingAid essay grammar checker is the help materials. Its errors can be accompanied by a video explanation or a link to a related article or quiz. This way, the user can reinforce the learning process by taking the activity. A key feature of ProWritingAid is the Reports function. You can use the reports to understand common mistakes in your writing and improve your academic style.


There are many free grammar checkers for essays online, but you may wonder whether Typely is the best option. This tool focuses on identifying errors and suggesting corrections that improve your writing. Although its suggestions aren’t always accurate, the free version gives you basic functionality. The app is easy to use, and the interface is well-designed. It’s easy to navigate and offers simple, yet comprehensive, suggestions.

The grammar checker has a variety of features, but most of them have the same basic features. They offer a sentence checker, expert spelling, writing style, originality checker, and grammar recommendations. Some even offer vocabulary and proofreading. While these tools are helpful for many people, they don’t cover all aspects of writing. To determine which is the best option for your writing style, try out several of these grammar checkers.