Many times, pest control technicians work inside of a home, which means homeowners must be extremely careful when making their choice. Finding a competent technician can be crucial to the health of everyone in the home. Having the right person handling the chemicals can make the difference between an effective treatment and an unpleasant experience. Here is a look at some of the do’s and don’ts in selecting a pest control company.

pest control company

-Do not use any pesticides on household pests for the first time. While many pesticides can be used effectively with some types of household pests, they can also pose serious health risks if used incorrectly. Many companies sell pest control services that include knowledge on how pesticides should be used. This allows homeowners to make more informed choices. If there are no such instructions, contact the pest control service immediately to learn what they suggest.

-Do not allow a pest control company or technician to use a high concentration of a certain type of pesticide. Pesticides can be formulated to kill a variety of household pests with varying levels of toxicity. When a high concentration of a chemical is used, it poses a serious health risk. Contact your local environmental protection agency to ensure your use of pesticides comply with state and federal safety regulations.

-Avoid companies that require a lot of upfront payment or offer free estimates. Many pest control technicians will offer free estimates for small infestations before providing a full assessment. However, free estimates are not always an indication of quality service; in some cases, poor service may be masked by cheap estimates. To avoid this problem, it is important to thoroughly vet any company that offers free estimates.

-In order to ensure that you are dealing with reputable pest control companies, be sure to ask about their licensing requirements. Some pest control companies may not hold the proper licensing required for the job. Others actually do hold the proper licensing but are not members in good standing with the pest control association or the pest control state. Be sure to verify the license status before hiring the pest control company. Also, if a termite inspection is part of the overall pest control plan, make sure that the company has also had a termite inspection.

-Never consent to have a termite or blackfly inspection on your premises. These insects are extremely dangerous and they can enter structures through gaps in the walls. They can also enter homes through holes made by construction debris and other debris. In fact, some termites may be able to enter your home through a hole that may have been created by a bolt of lightning. A pest control company should never consent to allow a termite or blackfly inspection to be conducted on your premises.

-Never let a pest control company or any other type of service person touch your house with a pesticide or insecticide in their hands. Many people are very frightened and even angry when they feel they have been sprayed by a service person. You should always be very cautious around any service person or pesticide as the potential damage that it could cause is real.

-Do not sign any authorization forms or contracts with a pest control company or a pest control service until you have carefully examined the forms and fully understand them. You will need to sign these forms because they will outline the specific duties and responsibilities of the pest control service. You will also need to sign a written contract that will outline all responsibilities of both parties and a payment schedule. Always be very careful before letting any pest control service or pesticide worker into your home.