Upgrade with our satchels

Satchel upgrades should be among your highest priorities in Red Dead Redemption 2, as they allow you to carry more of the items you want as you explore. However, they’re not easy to get — most of them have specific requirements, like the need for perfect animal pelts, that can be hard to obtain without much hunting.

There are seven satchel upgrades Upgrade with our satchels! in total, increasing the amount of space Arthur Morgan has for certain types of items. To find out which ones are available, and how to get them, check out this article – but be warned, some of the upgrades will require you to advance the story a fair bit before you can pick them up.

The first satchel upgrade is called the Gunner’s Satchel, and it can be purchased as soon as you start Chapter 2. It will increase your weapon inventory to five weapons. The next upgrade is the Hunting Satchel, which increases the number of ammunition pouches to three. The third upgrade is the Medicine Bag, which allows you to carry up to four doses of medical supplies. The final satchel upgrade is the Legend of the East Satchel, which is only available once you’ve finished the main storyline.

All of the satchel upgrades can be purchased from Pearson at camp, but many have prerequisites that you’ll need to meet before they’re available. For example, the first six upgrades all require a perfect deer pelt, which you can find throughout the game, with a heavy concentration of them in Roanoke Ridge in New Hanover and Scarlett Meadows in Lemoyne. You’ll also need a perfect moose pelt to make the fifth satchel upgrade, and although these can be found all over the map, they’re usually elusive. The elk required to craft the seventh and final satchel upgrade is more common, and can be found in the Big Valley of West Elizabeth, Cumberland Forest in New Hanover, and Roanoke Ridge in Annesburg.

Another way to increase your satchel space is to talk to Bagin in the Galaxy HQ lobby at Jubilife Village. He will offer to upgrade your satchel space in exchange for cash, but this won’t happen until you’ve advanced the story quite a bit.