Jewellery Canada is home to some of the world’s best jewelry designers and craftsmen. These individuals are known for their creative, modernist pieces as well as for embodying the spirit of the Great North.

Canadian jewellery designs have a long and distinguished history. The industry has been in existence since the 17th century. During that time, the British Isles had many jewellery manufacturers and silversmiths. In addition, native craftsmen were also engaged in making a variety of jewellery. Today, these artisans use a wide variety of materials.

One of the best places to shop for jewelry is online. Companies like Blue Nile offer free shipping on all orders and a diamond price match guarantee. They also carry a large selection of engagement rings, diamonds and birthstones. While they do not have a physical showroom in Canada, they do offer free returns on most orders within 30 days.

When it comes to jewellery, the newest trend is moissanite. Diamond stones are used in this type of jewellery, which is becoming more popular around the world. This jewelry has a special focus on Canada, as it is mined in a strict Canadian environmental policy.

In terms of the jewellery industry, Canada’s biggest competitors include Italy and China, with market shares ranging from 8 to 9%. However, the United States is expected to surpass them in 2015, according to a recent study. Despite this, Canadian jewellery designers are gaining a lot of attention.

To learn more about jewellery in Canada, check out the Canadian Jewellers Association. ThisĀ view site trade group represents manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and suppliers across the country. It also runs a magazine that is full of information on industry trends and events. Members are required to adhere to a 10-point Code of Ethics.

Another great resource for retailers is Canadian Jeweller Magazine. This publication offers in-depth coverage of jewellery trends, as well as features from leading manufacturers. If you are a jewellery retailer looking to expand your product offering, this is the perfect resource for you.

Canada also boasts a number of international competitions, which have made it easier to sell Canadian jewellery abroad. Competitions are held in various parts of the world, which has resulted in an increased interest in the country’s jewellery.

The jewellery industry is also home to some of the finest and most environmentally-friendly jewellery available on the planet. Canadian gold is mined in accordance with strict Canadian environmental laws. Since it is a precious metal, demand for it is closely tied to consumer sentiment. With the rise in income levels, it is predicted that purchasing of industry goods will increase, as will the demand for bullion coin products.

There are a number of educational courses offered by the Canadian Gemmological Association. The Retail Jewellers Training Course is a two-term course that leads to the designation of Graduate Jeweller. You can also enroll in a course at the Canadian Jewellers Institute. Upon completion of this course, you will have an understanding of the basic principles of the jewellery industry.