Visit Evelyen – Located in Southern Turkey just west of Marmaris the Town of Evelyen is the primary point where all adventurous activities begin. Evelyen was a vital sea port during the ancient Greek period, being one of the first ports in the Aegean to be developed into a modern city. The sea going cruises to this region are well worth considering when you arrive, it gives you an unobstructed view of the coastline and you can enjoy the beautiful sunny Mediterranean weather whilst sailing. If you have never been on a cruise before you will probably be surprised by the luxury and quality of the accommodation provided for you, with many staying in specially converted yachts, and you will be pampered whilst experiencing the ultimate in opulence.

Evelyen is surrounded by some magnificent scenery; hills, mountains, mountainsides and outlying villages that spread out for miles around. Each area has its own little bit to offer and you can choose whether you would like to stay in a hotel or just sample the local countryside. The main towns of Antikyra, Kavoico and Magaluf are situated on the coast whilst the towns of Xantos and Meles are further away. You will be able to see the modern seaside resorts of Moria and Portakal and maybe spend a day or two enjoying the sights. Most of the shops are situated on the beach and you can eat out in restaurants or you may decide to sample the local cuisine at one of the many cafes and restaurants dotted along the shore.

There are some great routes to take when visiting Evelyen, and one of them involves leaving from Antikyra and taking a 30 minute boat cruise up the Etosha River. This is a very enjoyable experience and allows you to see some incredible waterfalls and ancient settlements. Take a day or two to soak up the local culture and shop at one of the many boutiques dotted along the river. You can also sample some fabulous white wines, and make some new friends in this wonderful part of southern Turkey.

If you are more interested in doing something more active then why not try one of the many adventurous activities that are available? Hiking is a popular way to explore this beautiful area and there are plenty of guided tours available to take you around. Evelyen is a great location for mountain biking, as the terrain is mostly flat and open. The weather is warm and pleasant most of the year, and it is worth taking your bike on a long journey up the mountains during the summer if you can because the scenery is truly amazing.

Evelyen also has it’s fair share of family friendly activities. It is relatively easy to find a good range of fun activities to do with your children, from archery to tennis. There are also many walking tours available, which will take you right into the heart of the old towns. The beaches are always busy, but there are also plenty of water parks and other fun options for families. There are several beach camps in and around Evelyen, and you can choose to stay either in one of the camps or in one of the hotels that surround the beaches.

Evelyen is a great place to visit for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. The weather is pleasant all year round, and there are many interesting and varied activities to enjoy. People from all over the globe travel to Evelyen each year to experience the wonderful experience that it offers. It makes for a great holiday destination for travellers of all ages. Travellers can get to know the people of Evelyen in a relaxed and friendly way, and can even get involved in some of the local activities. So whether you like a bit of action on the beach or prefer a more laid back holiday, you can be sure that you can find a holiday accommodation in Evelyen which suits your needs.