WPS painters Winnipeg

“Are you looking for WPS painters?” You have come to the right location! We at WPS, are skilled, professional painters with experience in both residential and commercial painting projects. We do any kind of painting job in the city, from a simple home painting job to a large commercial painting project. If you want to paint a home in Winnipeg or even remodeling your business office then give us a call or check out our site for all the info you need to make an informed decision.

Our painters are experienced in all types of painting work, including residential, commercial, and more. From a new build to an existing building, or a repaint of an old building we can do it all. We have all sorts of specialties available, including exterior painting, basement redoing, facade painting, brick restoration and much more! And if we don’t do it, you can often have it done for you.

Residential Painting – Our painters are versatile and can complete any size painting job quickly and easily. No matter what style or design of house you have, our painters can make it great! If you are looking for a simple fresh coat of paint, or a re-facing or repair to a wall, no problem! Our painters can make any architectural detail come alive. Most importantly, if you like the look of brick and stone but not brick stucco, or marble we can work on either and many other styles of home.

Commercial Painting – When you have a large building to repaint or a retail outlet needing some facelift or new signage, our painters can do it! Large buildings and retail outlets are often expensive to refurbish and it takes a long time to do them correctly. With our help you can save money and get a beautiful new look, or you could even consider naming your outlet the WPS Painters of the Month!

facade painting – This is often the most difficult part of any refurbishment or construction project. It requires the most skill and care, as well as a great deal of preparation. We painters can usually get these projects done quickly and efficiently, so there is time to enjoy your project. This is also a great time to introduce new branding, logos, or advertising.

Demolition Jobs – When you’re tearing down a building or re-furbishing an old retail outlet, it can be very time-consuming. However, if you don’t have painters there to help you, demolition can be very messy and dangerous. You need painters who know what they’re doing! This can include scaffolding, back-up services and ladders and harnesses, etc. Our experienced painters will make sure your demolition is done quickly, safely and without incident, which saves you thousands of pounds worth of damages.

Refurbishments – Many repainting jobs revolve around refurbishing and repurposing spaces. Think about cafes, pubs, shops, museums, theatres and more to name a few. These can be very challenging to do, as many people tend to buy the wrong materials, paint the wrong things and end up with ugly results. Our painters are able to source the ideal materials from reputable stockists, as well as getting the job done tastefully. They also offer a range of services, including wallpapering, refurbishment and renovation, and paintbrushing.

WPS painters should work in partnership with your design team to create a one-of-a-kind paint plan that not only looks incredible, but also works excellently in any given space. Painters will often collaborate with interior designers to come up with ideas for the space, as well as helping you with colour schemes and other elements. In order to fully appreciate how your space will appear before painting it, our painters have an extensive variety of photos and 3D renders to show you. This way you can be absolutely sure that your chosen paint colour and style will be exactly right for your space.