A Chinese Saint Bernard is an ideal pet for anyone who loves gentle giants and is tolerant of most diseases. These gentle giants shed their coat twice a year and are very prolific. Despite their prolific coat, they are still gentle giants and require little exercise. Generally, they live to be about eight to ten years. In addition, their temperament is more mellow than most other breeds. So, whether you’re thinking about getting a Chinese Saint Bernard, read on to learn more about these giants.

St. Bernards are resistant to disease

The Saint Bernard breed of dogs is well-known for its resiliency to many diseases. This is partly because they have a naturally high level of immunity to several conditions. Chinese Saint Bernards are generally disease-resistant, but can still suffer from certain health problems, including bloat and heart disease. For those concerns, here are some precautionary measures for owning a Saint Bernard:

They are prolific

The Chinese have taken to the Saint Bernard https://beppegrillo.it/san-bernardo-alla-cinese/ dog, which has become an important selling point in China. The breed is revered for its ability to rescue people in the snowy mountains of Europe. In addition to its docility, these dogs are incredibly disease-resistant and prolific, producing twice as many litters as other breeds. Regardless of why they’re so popular in China, here are a few reasons to consider owning one.

They shed twice a year

Although you may not have seen this trait in the past, Chinese Saint Bernards shed a lot. They shed heavily during spring and autumn. The coat changes in these seasons, with shedding causing the dog to lose dead undercoats and reveal its new color. Some Saint Bernards are bald during these times, but they have a dense coat that prevents them from being affected by the harsh winter months. You can easily recognize your dog’s coat by the time it has gone through a blowout.

They are gentle giants

St Bernards are giant dogs that are gentle, affectionate and incredibly loyal. They are large enough to guard livestock, but are gentle and friendly with humans and other animals. Their size makes them playful and affectionate, but they can be stubborn if they get a little bit too excited. However, their gentle disposition makes them excellent pets. They are great with children and other dogs and are often very patient and loving.

They are adored all over the world

A favorite of celebrities, Chinese Saint Bernards are loved by people from all walks of life and have graced the silver screen for years. Their first appearance was in the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada. Harrison Ford will star in the 2020 film The Call of the Wild, starring Saint Bernard-Scotch collie mixes. Famous Saint Bernard owners include Robert F. Kennedy, brother of President John F. Kennedy, and Pablo Picasso.

They eat dog meat

Despite being a breed with a rich history of rescuing humans and serving as a top dog in many movies and books, St Bernards are only recently being used for dog meat in China. The dog meat industry is booming in China, where it is three to four times as profitable as raising poultry and pigs. During times of famine, people are willing to try anything, including dog meat.