Canadian Rail Vacations

There are several ways to experience Canada through train travel. You can board the Rocky Mountaineer, take the Ocean train, or tour Quebec City by taking the VIA Rail. There are dozens of train trips to choose from in Canada, but each has its own charms. To start, take a look at the many amenities and perks available on Amtrak Vacations. Read on for more information. And, don’t forget to save a few dollars on the trip of a lifetime by booking through Canadian Rail Vacations!

Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury rail service that offers a unique experience for travellers, taking them on a journey over the majestic Canadian Rockies. The train journey itself can be included in a holiday package and entails the privilege of riding on the famous train. In addition to impeccable service and a panoramic view of the scenery, the ride includes fascinating geology and wildlife information. The journey is a must-do for those who love to travel and want to see spectacular scenery.

VIA Rail

With a VIA Train Canadian Rail Vacation, you can travel by rail across the country and see a variety of stunning landscapes. This popular rail system offers practical routes linking Eastern cities. Sleeper trains are available throughout Canada, making this a budget-friendly option for many travelers. You can choose between two types of cabins and a variety of seating arrangements. The accommodations on board are also comfortable and spacious, providing a pleasant travel experience.

Ocean train

If you’re interested in a truly memorable Learn more here rail vacation, consider the Atlantic Canada region with a trip on VIA Rail’s Ocean train. With spacious and cozy Sleeper Plus cabins, this train offers refined service and maritime ambiance. Dining cars feature fine table settings and seasonal menus. On select voyages, guests can dine in an exclusive lounge with panoramic views. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on board.

Quebec City

If you are looking for an easy way to get from one city to another, then Canadian Rail Vacations might be the perfect solution for you. This region is made up of four cities that all have good public transportation systems. The main city is Quebec City, while the other cities are Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton. However, the island of Quebec outside of Quebec City is largely rural. The trains that travel through the area often provide better service, making it easy to explore on foot.


Travel to Halifax on a VIA Rail vacation, and you’ll see why. The Ocean train connects the French speaking province of Quebec with the Maritime Province of Nova Scotia. Taking you through the region, you’ll pass through quaint towns that reflect the different cultures of the region. From French Canadians to Acadians, English and Celtic cultures, you’ll experience the diversity and charm of Canada’s Maritime Provinces.

New Brunswick

If you’ve never experienced a train ride in Canada, this region is a great place to start. It is home to the Halifax Clock Tower, the majestic Rockies, and Quebec’s breathtaking landscapes. A rail vacation in New Brunswick is one of the most enjoyable ways to see all of it. The train can take you through beautiful rural areas, and then pause in urban centers to enjoy the food, shops, and entertainment that make the region so unique.

Glacier National Park

If you’re interested in spending a day or more in this stunning natural area, a Canadian Rail Vacation in Glacier National Park may be the perfect way to see the country’s most beautiful park. With over one million acres of land preserved for future generations, Glacier National Park is home to over 70 species of mammals and 270 species of birds. You can also take a scenic train ride through the park or drive on the famous Going-to-the-Sun road, which stretches across the Continental Divide. You can enjoy great views from the train or from the comfort of your hotel room, and it is not hard to figure out how to get to the park from there.

Vancouver to Calgary

Whether you’re looking for a scenic ride or want to explore the history of Canada’s train system, you can find the right Canadian rail vacation for you. From Vancouver to Calgary, you can choose from 38 different tours that offer breathtaking views and exciting activities. You can also add extra days to the start or end of your journey, or even go the opposite way. There are several ways to customize your Canadian rail vacation, from extending your vacation to reversing the route.

Québec City

When traveling to Quebec City, consider using a rail vacation. You can easily get to Québec City by train, and all four cities are well connected by public transportation. If you’re planning a vacation with a group of friends or family, consider booking your trip by train. With Canada Rail Vacations, you can customize the itinerary to fit your preferences. You can add extra days to your trip, or even travel the other way around.