Dr. Chiro Venapro is a respected sports injury chiro Melbourne. He is the Head of Sports Medicine at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and is Board Certified Physiotherapist and Chiropractic Specialist. Dr. Venapro is an associate editor for a renowned sports medicine journal and is a regular contributor to the online site Chiropractors Against Muscle Injury.

Chiro has been treating athletes and sportsmen in Melbourne, Australia since the mid-1990s. There are several clinics that he operates and each specializes in a particular type of injury. Athletes who are suffering from tennis elbow, torn cartilage, shoulder injuries and fractures commonly seek the services of Dr. Chiro. The chiropractor will assess the severity of the situation and recommend a course of action. In the case of severe injuries, chiropractic therapy is combined with other treatment methods to restore full function to the patient’s body.

One of the most common treatments that Dr. Chiro provides is spinal manipulation. This is a treatment that is commonly used to treat sports injury as it improves blood circulation to the injured area and helps to control pain. The chiropractor also uses massage and cold compression to help the patient overcome the pain. If conservative treatment does not reduce the pain, the patient may be referred to another specialist such as a musculoskeletal specialist, an orthopedic or sports medicine doctor.

Another treatment method that Dr. Chiro uses is trigger point therapy. This involves applying a small amount of pressure to acupressure points on the hands and feet. This is believed to cause an imbalance in the natural movement of the nervous system. By treating sports injury using this method, the chiropractor hopes to achieve long-term relief.

Chiropractors believe that sports professionals are at greater risk for sports injuries because they are more exposed to gravity. They say that the body works against gravity when it is involved in athletic competition. For this reason, they say that athletes are more likely to sustain injuries. Chiropractors use spinal manipulation to treat patients who sustain a sports injury. However, they must follow specific rules of the National Athletic League to do so. For example, they cannot use their techniques in boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, or hockey.

Many patients wonder if chiropractors are allowed to perform invasive treatments. There have been instances in the past when chiropractors, who had performed other treatments on patients without the approval of the NAR, were sanctioned by the league. In one case, the athlete, David Palmer, sued his former chiropractors after he was cut from the Canadian Football League team. In that suit, Palmer claimed that his former chiropractors misdiagnosed him with an ankle sprain. He further said that his condition worsened because the chiropractors did not take him for an evaluation, x-rays, and a thorough examination that he needed before treating his ankle.

Chiropractors are allowed to treat athletes using manipulative techniques in the same way they would treat patients with a sports injury. However, there is a difference between the methods that chiropractors can use on an athlete as compared with the methods that they could use on a non-athlete. Chiropractors cannot inject any substances into the spine. Injections or other procedures could affect the nervous system, which could result in adverse effects on the patient’s brain, spine, and muscles. Chiropractors cannot perform sports injections on patients who have previously suffered from ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, or fractures.

If you or a loved one has sustained an injury that has caused you to miss a significant amount of work or physical activity, you should contact a chiropractor in Melbourne, Australia. Chiropractors are trained professionals who are able to diagnose and treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, as well as issues with the mental and the emotional aspects of health. Chiropractors use both traditional and alternative approaches when treating sports injuries. A Chiropractor will often begin a treatment process by performing a comprehensive exam to determine the severity of the problem. Once the chiropractor has narrowed down the problem, he can begin to treat the injury or condition that is causing the patient’s pain.