amardeep steel

“Amardeep Steel Corporation is a leading industrial metal manufacturer and seller in India. It has been supplying high quality goods and products to the domestic and international market since 18akura in India. Amardeep Steel manufacturing unit is engaged in manufacturing of high quality steel products and parts since duly approved by the authority of Indian Mechanical Design Rules, PCB standards and IDFC Standard respectively for the overall safety of the customers and workers.”

Amardeep Steel Centre was set up in nominal premises in sixteenth year from the name of Shri Venkateswara J.P. Limited with the name ‘Ammarda Steel & Steel Ltd’. It is one of the oldest industrial raw material suppliers having its manufacturing unit based in Chennai. The company is fully dedicated to providing its customers with premium quality industrial raw materials that can be used anywhere for the manufacture of tubes, pipe, plates and fittings etc. Since duly approved by the authority of Indian Mechanical Design Rules, PCB standard and IDFC standard, it has become one of the most preferred manufacturers of quality products. As per the latest records, Amandeep steel centre is registered vendor for the production of stainless steels, galvanized pipes, plates, tubes, fixtures, fittings etc.

Amardeep steel fabrication and heat exchangers are most preferred metal processing plants located in India. This company is a highly diversified producer and importer of thermal process equipment. They are also engaged in various process such as welding, arc welding, fabrication, welding services, brazing, melting, forging, turning, drilling and many more processes. They have earned their experience over decades in the field of welding, turning, bending and other works related to the welding industry. They have earned enormous reputation in the world of leading industries across all the verticals.

Amandeep steel fabricators have earned tremendous experience in the field of thermal process equipment. They are providing excellent solution for the demands of the industrial and manufacturing units. These parts and processes equipment are being used by the leading industries across all the verticals to get the highest level of quality. This is the only company which has wide ranges of products for your industrial requirements with an extensive range of technologically advanced process equipment. They are at the hub of innovation and creativity where each product is being designed and developed as per your needs and specifications.

In the year 1984, Amandeep steel went into business as a private company after purchasing another process equipment called Heat exchanger. The name was derived from German Industrial Processes and this company still uses this name. The name Amandeep was selected after a gap of eight years, when another company had merged with another company to form a new venture named Welspun. The company has expanded since that time due to intense competition in the industrial market. They gained more success in the world market after dominating the segment in various verticals. They have made outstanding growth despite the global financial crisis.

In the year 1984, Amandeep started its operations with five furnace units in five cities of Germany. Later on, the business rapidly grew and they are now present in more than 60 cities of Germany and more than twenty-six countries across the globe. Their products are unique and well advanced due to which they are able to consistently maintain a position in the market. This is why it is considered as a leader in the market of pressure vessel manufacturers.

Apart from superior quality construction and design, the main reason behind their continued success is their consistent product quality. Many top grade steel producers across the world use Amandeep steel for making their products. They are assured of excellent quality as Amandeep is committed to provide products with top quality craftsmanship and innovative designs. They pay attention to minute details such as welding, design development, material selection, production quality and much more. To meet the demands of demanding customers from all over the world, Amandeep steel has an excellent customer care service and excellent post sale services.

In this competitive market, it is always advantageous to look for a company that has a strong history. Amandeep has been in the business for more than two decades and still flourishing successfully. They have established good relations with leading corporations and many international clients. Hence, it can be safely said that this company is here to stay.